How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others? 9 Realistic Ways To Stop Comparing Yourself With Others

We All Compare Ourselves to Other People We do this even when the comparisons aren’t meaningful. Even when they make us unhappy.

Even when they don’t actually make us better, smarter, or more productive human beings. And we seem to be doing it more and more — So why do we compare ourselves to other people?

Is there any benefit to seeing how we stack up against others?

And if there isn’t, how can we stop?

Comparison is generally the fast track to unhappiness. It’s a recipe for misery. All it does is keeping you focused on what you don’t like about yourself and your life. We usually thought about what other people had, and we didn’t. Where they were in life and I wasn’t.

The more we focused on others’ path, and not our own, the more we lost control.

Here are nine simple ways to stop comparing yourself to others.

1. Water your own grass

2. Accept where you are

3. Love your past.

4. Know that this isn’t the end of the movie.

5. Be grateful for what you have.

6. Realize that you’re not perfect.

7. Turn comparison into inspiration.

8. Compare yourself with you.

9. Tell a better story.

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